HTTP-Authentification via MySQL

This "third-party module" allows you to create a HTTP User Authentification with MySQL. The installation into XAMPP is still experimental, this means you need to open "httpd.conf" (\...\apache\conf\httpd.conf) in a text editor of your choice to edit the module "mysql_auth_module" in Line 173. Remove the # at the beginning of the line. Afterwards restart Apache !

You will also need to restart the MySQL server of this wampp package (!!). The necessary database "webauth" including the table "user_pwd" runs on this server. To connect to this database, I constructed the mysql admin user "testuser" with the password "authmysql" only for localhost. The new Mysql AdminUser is important for the the "httpd.conf" or "htaccess".

Test example: The folder \...\htdocs\restricted\ ("http://localhost/restricted/") is now protected via mod_auth_mysql for this special test.

USER: xampp
Location: http://localhost/restricted/

I also tested this functionality on Windows XP Professional. Good luck. [kvo]