FTP Server (??)

Apache is not a FTP Server ...

... because Apache HTTPD provides HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) and not FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

For version xampp 0.9 we implement the really free "FileZilla FTP" with FTP Services in this package. Using "FileZilla FTP" is simple.

Step 1: Into the main directory of xampp, start "FileZillaFTP_start.bat". The first start builds an example configuration "FileZilla Server.xml" automatically. Please see in the "FileZillaFTP" directory. Then, the server starts. For problems, use the "FileZilla Server_example.xml".

Step 2: Configure "FileZilla FTP". For this, please use the FileZilla Interface with the "FileZilla Server Interface.exe". Two Users are in this example:

A: A default user "newuser", password "wampp". The home directory is \xampp\htdocs.
B: An anonymous user "anonymous", no password. The home directory is \xampp\anonymous.

The default interface is the loopback address

Step 3: The FTP Server is shutdown with the "FileZillaFTP_stop.bat". For FileZilla FTP as service, please use the "FileZillaServer.exe" directly. Then, you can configure all start options.


The configuration tool "FileZilla Server Interface.exe"

Anonymous FTP with the MS IE

The xampp user and WS FTP (Passwort: wampp)