Mercury - A Mail Server for win32

After many useful notes from you ...

Mercury is freeware and supports the PHP mail() function.

Please check the Mercury Homepage.

Notes for using Mercury

=> Mercury needs an external connection on startup;
=> On startup, Mercury defines the Domain Name Service (DNS) automatically as the name server of your provider;
=> For all user of gateway servers: Please set your DNS via TCP/IP (f.e. via InterNic with the IP number;
=> The config file of Mercury is called MERCURY.INI;
=> to test, please send a message to postmaster@localhost or admin@localhost and check for these messages in the following folders: /xampp.../mailserver/MAIL/postmaster or (...)/admin;
=> Spam and other obscenities are totally forbidden with Mercury!;

A form to test Mercury

=> mercury.php (Source)

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The recipient